• VS-CIMS main channel management and control system

    “VS-CIMS main channel management and control system" is a set of Intelligent security management systemthat uses computer network technology and Internet of Things(IOT) technology to connect and operate the information of various crossings, infielderscars and objects, and integrate them into a platform through the network to realize mutual information linkage and resource sharing.

    The VS-CIMS system also integrates a variety of advanced security inspection methods, including automatic vehicle scanning inspection, vehicle RFID automatic identification, license plate HD recognition, automatic identification of personnel documents, vehicle on-site drive route control, driving behavior control and parking space control, etc. It greatly improves the efficiency and quality of safety management in the control area.

  • XW-CBS5 Border Management and Control System

    "XW-CB5 Border Control System" combines advanced technologies such as optoelectronics, radar, communication, command and control, and image intelligent processing to achieve surveillance and control of borders and strategicareas. It can conduct illegal cross-border, weapons and drug smugglingin all-weather, and detect, monitor, alarm, track, record and report forno-blind area.Itenable relevant personnel to handle related matters quickly and maintain the stability and security of the state and political power.

    The system can also be flexibly applied to the safety monitoring of oil fields, petroleum pipelines, transmission lines, airports, military bases and other fields.

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